Starbucks: Dips Are Just An Opportunity


  • We have taken an in-depth, analytical look at Starbucks via PEST and SWOT analyses before detailing where we believe the market inefficiencies lie within the stock.

  • We see Starbucks' momentum in the Chinese market to be the key price driver for the U.S. coffee company.

  • We eye potential short-term volatility around the next earnings report which could lead to a better buy-in price to maximise growth for a long-term holding.

This report is going to analyse and form a recommendation for the Starbucks Corporation (NASDAQ:SBUX) stock listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange. We will start with an industry overview focusing on key market and macro drivers, followed by a more focused evaluation of SBUX's particular strengths and weaknesses. Next, we will address why this stock is undervalued and the potential catalysts for its capital growth, finishing with an in-depth valuation of the company's key ratios and setting price targets and forecasts.


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